Patrick (strawpig) wrote,

I tend to prefer it when exams examine the course we've actually been taught... SIlly of me, I know... but it is nice.

I spent far too much time trying to figure out how all the questions related to the stuff we'd been taught. Ah well, it's only worth 70% of one module so not too much over all.

To overcome rage, I went and walked around the bits of North Downs just outside Guildford, which are alarmingly pretty and have some fantastic views (those of you ever in the area, I really recommend!). Left me pondering walking the whole of the North Downs way over the summer.

One down, four to go so I'd best get back to the books!

(although before I do, the next day in my 30 day music challenge (what?!) is a song I know all the words to.

During exam times I tend to get fixated on a few songs. This time round it has been this, which I now know all the words to, although it does occasionally get replaced with the equations of hydrostatic support in a star.

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