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Parkinson. Or Something along those lines anyway.

Questions from ladybirdintheuk.

1 - Where would you most like to move to, assuming the right course/job was in that location you were going to?

This is a very difficult question. If I knew the answer to that it'd make my life significantly easier. I have a feeling the answer is not Oxford, which is tricky as it'll be difficult to say no if they offer me a PhD, particularly after all the hoop jumping I've had to do to apply. I like culture of all kinds, so somewhere with lots of galleries and concerts and gigs and stuff going on. Also somewhere that has access to very good coffee. Living wise, I'm actually the happiest I've been for a lot of time where I am now. Shame I'm moving in a week and a bit!

2 - What would be in your perfect sandwich?

Cheese, Pickle and salad on walnut bread. Simple but effective.

3 - Which river would you like to row on? Whyso?

Right now, any! I've not been rowing since October and I'm getting massive withdrawal symptoms! I've been in touch with the Surrey uni rowing club but they're terribly precious about it and alarmingly competitive which doesn't suit me and the Guildford rowing club costs a fortune to join, so I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to go again :-(

4 - If you could go on holiday anywhere, where would it be?

I'd either like to eat my way round northern Spain/Basque country (particularly San Sebastian) or go to (rather predictably, still!) Japan. Right now I could really do with a relaxing on a beach somewhere warm holiday, I've not actually stopped for any length of time and been on holiday in over four years now. Last years holiday money ended up being spent on excessively over the top meals out to michelin starred restaurants.

5 - You are going to be famous for inventing something - what are you going to invent?

I'd rather do Scientific discovery than invention of something as invention implies I might be useful in some way! I've no idea. Possibly something gravity related or maybe something about how biology works on a physics level. We shall have to wait and see!

Also (this is not one of your interview questions!) - when are you heading over later?

I've just put a load of washing on, so once that's finish I shall hang it out and stuff and then head down.
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Go on then - interview me back!
1) You're going for afternoon tea at the Ritz with a rockstar. Who is this rockstar?
2) Is there anything you've never eaten that you'd really like to?
3) If you could go back to school an do something completely different, what would you do?
4) Here's £1000 to spend on you (and actually on you), what are you going to spend it on? (I wish I could actually do this one!).
5) Would you rather be an artist or a writer? Why?
Lots of love
My daughter is going to Japan in June
Lucky her! I really can't afford to go.
Lots of love
I think the flight is about 450