Patrick (strawpig) wrote,

On readjustment (and some bits of fun stuff too!).

I've moved back to Guildford in what appears to have been an entirely half arsed way. I've been here a fortnight now and I've not actually unpacked yet. I really loved my flat in Hampton Hill and the general life style I had really, and going back to sharing a flat and having lectures again is really not something I'm enjoying. The stuff I'm learning lectures wise has been great and I'm enjoying learning, but I enjoy research more. Tis only for six months and then hopefully one of the plethora of PhD's I've applied for will start (although I'm also still considering going back to work at NPL).

I have a horrible feeling my PhD based attempts may backfire somewhat with my only applying for university's in the top 20 in the world for what I want to do, due to issues I had in first year with getting back in to education and overcoming exam fear my results were a little erratic which although not an issue for my degree classification does matter more when you're applying against the best of the best.

In entirely unrelated news. I went to see Frankenstein in the National Theatre on Friday (many thanks to Anna for being in a queue at 9am to get us the tickets!) which was rather awesome to say the least. Jonny Lee Millar and Benedict Cumberbatch were the two leads and they were both fab (annoyingly I want to see it again as apparently they swap who's the creature and who's Frankenstein between the two of them). This was followed by italian food and dessert wine with biscotti to dip in it and the sudden realisation that I now live in Guildford and have to make the last train...
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