Patrick (strawpig) wrote,

In which I discover I'm human...

I have a limit it would seem. I'm not talking about health this time which in a way is a nice change, but still not an entirely positive thing.

The story goes like this. On my way in to work yesterday there was a crane being set up in the quad. By Lunchtime people were throwing themselves off this attached to an elastic band and of course being me, I signed up for a go. All was fine, I was at the top ready to go looking out over a phenomenal view of London when the supervisor put his hand on my shoulder. I have never been so terrified of anything in my entire life. I became unable to breathe and move. Fear.

I ended up having to go down on the crane (which given that I had a big pile of colleagues/friends watching was a difficult thing to do in itself) and didn't stop shaking (despite being treated for shock) for over an hour afterwards. Turns out I have a reasonably healthy fear of stepping in to voids. I've never been great with heights and I'm petrified of flying so this isn't the biggest surprise in the world.

I'm now left with the dilemma of whether or not to somehow better mentally prepare myself and have another go (preferably back in the UCL quad, next year) or if I write it off as a bad idea.
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