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Peering over the parapet!

Right, I've remembered that I actually quite like Livejournal, and should probably start writing in it again.

Unfortunately life is rather hectic, the PhD life style both works for me, and really doesn't. Especially when combined with trying to do ALL OF THE THINGS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD whilst doing one.

I am still in love with London, it has the afore mentioned all of the things for me to do, I'm going to loads of theatre and music and dance and art things. I've taken up swing dancing and cocktail making (and am going to reattempt to take up the saxophone, although I've also been asked to play in a brass band, so I shall see). I'm also toying with the idea of trying stand up comedy and becoming a writer(ha!).

The other thing getting in the way of LJing is that I'm keeping a more subject specific blog about my attempts to get fit vs my ill health, which take up most of the tiny amount of time I find for social writing.

Either way, I shall try to actually LJ!
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