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Yesterday saw me heading to Islington to one of my favourite bars (so pretentious it doesn't have a name!) in the middle of the afternoon. I had an excuse though. SCIENCE!

It was a workshop on how our senses are interlinked. They started by playing us different drinks being poured and asking us to work out whether they were hot or cold (turns out most people can). Following on from this we had to say whether a sound was sweet, salty, bitter or sour. Again, most people actually could (the sweet and bitter were obvious, but salty and sour were slightly more difficult). After this, of course, the drinks came out. They were playing with these ideas to effect flavour profiles and how long a drink stays sweet depending on what sounds are being played and whether knowing what's in a drink effects how you taste it. They did all sorts of things with changing which flavours you notice depending on what sounds are playing (again, turns out the same drink can change what it tastes like, or at least which notes you notice depending on the sounds you're hearing). The ended by just playing around with evocative sounds to enhance the drinks. This ended with me being slightly freaked out by drinking a "Barbers Shop Fizz" while listening to a 3D recording of a haircut. I've not had my haircut since 1995...

Yay for afternoon drinking!

(I also think I got offered a job at radio 3).
Tags: frank ocean - pilot jones
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