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Here Comes The Rain Again...

...Falling on my head like a memory...

22 March 1980
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  • Ysgol David Hughes - Menai Bridge, Wales - Isle of Anglesey (Ynys Môn), United Kingdom (1991 - 1998)
  • Coleg Menai - Bangor, Wales - Gwynedd, United Kingdom (1998 - 2000)
  • Open University - Milton Keynes, England - Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom (2005 present)
  • University of Surrey - Guildford, England - Surrey, United Kingdom (2007 - 2011)

Born 12 years in the future, our erstwhile hero was dropped through a time warp and left in 1980, no one bothered to come and pick him up so he slept for a while. Now he runs a small alternative clothing company, and occasionally goes on bimbles. For some reason he occasionally writes about himself in the third person, which is a bad habit I'm trying to get out of.

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this week I have been mostly listening too

adam ant, alice cooper, alice in wonderland, alt country, angel, anthony bourdain, aqua, babylon 5, badgers, blondie, blutengel, bookshops, boots, bouncing, brass bands, butterfly messiah, c.f.s., cake, carnivale, charlie parker, chartreuse, cheese, chemical generation, chronic fatigue syndrome, clicky bleepy shite, concerts, cooking, cruxshadows, cryptography, cyberpunk, daisy chainsaw, dancing, david bowie, david lynch, deadtech, deadtech clothing, depeche mode, diva destruction, dizzy gillespie, dodgy horror films, dr. suess, dream disciples, dreaming, early nights, eeyore, electroclash, electronica, fire, food, freezepop, fried breakfasts, future retro, gene brewer, gin, glam, going to the gym, goldfrapp, goteki, goth, h.r. giger, hair metal, hammer horror, hayao miyazaki, herbal tea, hovercrafts, ice cream, icon of coil, iggy pop, industrial, infinity, jam, jane's addiction, jefferson airplane, katscan, l'ame immortelle, ladybird's uk goths, led zeppelin, live music, living with eating disorders, long hot baths, low budget sci fi, m.c. escher, m.e., making clothes, maths, matisse, mervin peake, miles davis, miro, missusing words, motorbikes, neal stephenson, nine inch nails, ninjing, obssession, pamplemeece, past my bed time, pearl jam, pi, pink, pizza, pop, prime numbers, psychophile, purple, pvc, pwei, quantum physics, quoting poison lyrics, r.e.m., rain, rammstein, reading, red wine, rhythm games, rubber, salvador dali, schmoof!, sea food, seabound, showers, skinny puppy, snake river conspiracy, sneaky bat machine, space, stanley kubrick, stars, storms, swarf, synth pop, t rex, tai chi, talking heads, tartan asia extreme, the byrds, the cure, the moon, the prodigy, they might be giants, thunderstorms, tim burton, tom waits, tuba, twelve, vnv nation, wales, whitby, william gibson, world music